bark Web ID lets you know who is visiting your website and provides recommendations on how to interact with them.

Action-Based Segmentation

Build autonomous segments to organize potential leads based on their companies’ attributes and the actions they perform on your website. By assigning segments to a person or team, routing leads to the right people has never been easier!

Real-Time Traffic Analysis

The Lead Inbox brings all of your website’s potential leads into a single filterable stream and equips your entire team with tools for a collaborative workflow. Live activity updates show you in real time when a teammate is viewing or handling a lead to ensure that you’ll never get your wires crossed.

Works With Google Analytics

As an official Google Technology Partner, Snitcher integrates with your Google Analytics profile to retroactively identify who has visited your site, how they found you, and what they were looking for.


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$49.99 / month

See which companies are visiting your website.

Gain insight into who is visiting your website and what actions they’re taking there.

How it works

Copy a code the Bark Web ID provides and past it on the <head> of your website.

bark will start gathering website user data.

See the interactions and share the leads in a dashboard.

Team up with fetch

Get the email addresses of the users who visit your website easily from LinkedIn. Bundle with fetch for extra $29.99/month.


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